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peter jacobson

You could call Peter Jacobson an artist. New Englander. Red Sox and Patriots fan. Guitar picker. Poker player. Dog-lover. Cat tolerator. Fly tyer and fisherman. 


You could call him a great cook, a fine husband, a well-read historian. A learned father. A Friend of Bill's. A splendid example of sartorial magnificence. (or so he believes)


You could call him all these things, and you'd be right. Put them together, and you begin to get a picture of a man who has taken chances in life, followed his heart, and worked continually to improve himself, and the lives of the people he loves. 


In 2015, after decades of working in photography, Peter began to experiment with digital painting. His work has its feet in Peter's solid photography foundation, and its head in his wild and vivid imagination. 


Beautiful shapes, an interesting palette, and lots of movement and light characterize Peter's digital art. His sense of humor and his respect for the natural world also shine in his pieces. 


After living for many years in New England, Peter and his wife moved around the country for a couple decades, for her work. Eventually, they found Wachapreague, VA, a tiny town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and they knew it was home. 


They plan to live there forever, with their dogs and cats, enjoying the people, the marshes and the beautiful light. 


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